Mirrors are mostly used in spaces such as a bathroom or toilet. But in addition mirrors can enhance the ambience of your interior and give your home that special look. Mirrors provide more depth and give your rooms a sense of space. Also mirrors create more light in smaller rooms.

We do not merely offer ‘ordinary’ blank mirrors. We also supply mirrors in various colour tones, such as grey, bronze or blue.

Mirrors are not always safe, for instance, for small children. That is why we offer our safety mirrors. These are mirrors of which the rear is fitted with a safety film. Should the mirror break, the glass shards will stick to the foil, preventing serious injury and damage to your environment.

Another thing Van Es can offer you, is heated mirrors. Mirror heating is a self-adhesive heating foil at the back of the mirror, which can be connected directly to a 220V switch. The heating is self-regulating, making a thermostat unnecessary. The foil can be applied in wet spaces, such as a bathroom or toilet, without any danger.

Are you interested in one of our many different types of mirrors? Then contact Van Es now, and we will take a look at the most suitable possibilities.