Van Es Glass offers clarity to private persons

You wish to provide your house with insulating glass? You want to enhance your interior by applying a glass shower screen, kitchen splashback or ambience-enhancing stained glass? Van Es Glass will be happy to take care of that for you! What about a door made of toughened glass as a partition between the hall and your living room? Make use of the experience, expertise and competitive prices of Van Es Glas.

Complete glass door for € 950 incl. VAT and assembly! (excl. accessories)

Van Es Glass uses the credo: a deal = a deal. When replacing the glass in your home, clear agreements with you are made in advance, the employees are fully aware of these agreements. While carrying out the work, the Van Es employees treat your possessions extremely carefully, they work meticulously and leave everything clean and tidy. The work is not done unless you are satisfied. Should there be the slightest criticism, please let us know! Van Es Glass will do anything to improve its service provision, if necessary.

In the work shop, Van Es Glass carries out processing, such as surface (poly) grinding, bevelling, drilling, or ultraviolet transparent adhesion of the legs of your glass side table or dining table; glass on glass, or glass on metal, wood and synthetic materials.

Do you have any urgent glass damage? Call 070-820 98 02, reachable 24 hours per day.