Sandblasted glass

For more than 50 years, Glass company Van Es has specialised in glass and everything related to it. Thanks to our experienced and skilled employees and the right tools, we are the best place to turn to for anything related to glass. We deliver, repair, replace, process and install many different types of glass, including sandblasted glass.

Sandblasted glass also includes matted glass. By aiming abrasive particles towards glass, under high pressure, the glass surface gets a matt and transparent look. By varying the size of the abrasive pellets, the structure as well as the degree of transparency is defined. Also the duration of the radiance is determining for the appearance of the glass, as it establishes the depth of the radiation and, as such, how the glass is shaped.

We offer a wide range of possibilities for matted glass:

  • A combination of complete transparency with a translucent effect
  • Choice of the extent of transparency and the depth of the radiation
  • Both a natural incidence of light and privacy are guaranteed
  • Free choice of application of patterns, design and logos
  • An anti-slip effect on glass floor tiles and steps

The sandblasted, or matted glass is suitable for many different applications, such as partitions, shower cubicles, doors and name signs.

Are you interested in Van Es sandblasted glass? Then contact us now and we will find out how we can help you.