Stained glass

The function of glass in dwellings and company buildings has seen an enormous development. Glass ensures light to enter the room, provides a view and sometimes it also ensures protection against burglary. Our glass company, Van Es, has specialised in glass and everything related to it, for years. Our experienced employees always ensure quality and good service. We supply different types of glass, including stained glass.

In a separate Van Es glass work shop, stained glass glazing is done professionally. For stained glass restoration as well as new stained glass, you can rely on us. We can also adjust stained glass in such a way that it can be fitted into insulating glass. This provides the look of stained glass and yet the comfort of insulating glass. That way the windows are easy to clean, are heat-insulating and sound-insulating and in addition they serve as protection against burglary. What we can also do, is process the stained glass into so-called secondary window frames. We do this by fitting them into U-profiles. In short, for repair, restoration and installation of stained glass you had best turn to Van Es.

Does this sound appealing? Stained glass? Or would you like some more information? Then contact glass company Van Es now, and we will soon find out how we can be of service.