Tempered glass

Are you looking for safety glass for your home, company or building? Then tempered glass is very suitable! Tempered glass is manufactured by heating glass up to 600 degrees Celsius. This makes tempered glass up to five times stronger than other glass with the same thickness.

As the glass is heated up to such high temperatures, the internal stress becomes larger than it does with non-tempered glass, which makes it almost impossible to break. As tempered glass is the safest form of single or double glazing, it is widely applied in places where glass should not break, and if it does, it should happen as safely as possible. That is why tempered glass is used particularly in shop windows, doors or bus shelters. But also in your own home, tempered glass could be the right choice: for example as a shower door or as a balcony partition. Tempered glass is a suitable option for any place that requires a lot of safety.

Are you interested in tempered glass? Then contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.