Wire glass

For more than 50 years, Van Es glass has specialised in glass and everything related to it. Together with our team of skilled and experienced employees we always ensure good service. We deliver and install many different types of glass, including wire glass.

Wire glass is a type of glass in which metal mesh is used for reinforcement. The mesh is often applied as a square grid pattern. In case the window breaks, the mesh keeps the glass fragments together, making wire glass a type of safety glass. Wire glass is very useful and suitable for almost any building.

There are different types of wire glass:

  • Polished wire glass: this is float glass, clearly transparent, cut and polished wire glass. This type of glass is very stylish and safe.
  • English wire glass: this contains a large amount of small patterns and is not transparent. Therefore it is suitable if you prefer privacy.
  • Frosted glass: this is slightly ribbed and semi-transparent. Sometimes this is called ‘ordinary wire glass’ and it is flat, unlike English wire glass.

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