Insulating glass HR

Insulating glass delivers an optimal return and meets today’s highest quality standards. In addition, it prevents an extremely high utility bill. There are many different types of insulation glazing, with varying insulation values. So be careful when ordering your insulating glass. Which best fits your home and wishes? We will be happy to be of service where it concerns advice about choosing the right type of glass.

Anything is possible in the field of insulating glass. It can be combined with, for example, laminated glass, patterned glass and wire glass on one side. There are also different coatings that reflect sunlight. Insulating glass is available in any shape: arc model, hypotenuse or a circle? It’s all possible!

Do you live along a busy road, near a railway or in the vicinity of a landing strip or near any other loud noise sources, then insulating glass is the glass you need! It dampens the noise which, subsequently, is no longer a nuisance. An ideal solution, isn’t it!

Are you interested in insulating glass HR, do you have any questions or would you like to have more information? Then contact us to find out how we can be of service.