Ventilation grilles

Van Es Glass can be reached 24 hours per day and delivers, installs, repairs, processes and replaces any type of glass. We consider good service of extreme importance and therefore we set extremely high requirements on the quality of our products and service. Van Es glass has been specialising in glass and everything related to it, for years. We deliver and install different types of glass, but also ventilation grilles.

In dwellings, but also in offices, two things are essential for a healthy indoor climate: the quality of the air and the humidity management. Simply opening a window every now and then does not suffice. This is airing, which is not the same as ventilating. Only when fresh air is ventilated 24 hours per day, you can create an optimal indoor climate. Ventilating is the best way to dispose of odours, moisture and harmful substances. It prevents mould and, in addition, grievances, damage and repairs.

We, at Van Es glass, offer a wide range of natural ventilation grilles. These grilles are thermally insulated rotating ventilation grills with a soft-line design outside profile, suitable for any application and any type of window. So, for frames made of wood, PVC, aluminium, steel or plastic.

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